An eyewitness to a fire at a city takeaway described an "acrid smell" coming from the building on the night of the fire.

Dozens of firefighters tackled a fire at around 7.35pm last night (Wednesday, February 15) at the Chubby Chicken takeaway in Cowley Road, Oxford.

David Pearson, who was at a nearby shop, recalled watching two fire engines driving closely together at speed up Cowley Road.

He said: “I thought to myself there must be a significant incident to require two engines then carried on as normal.

Oxford Mail: Firefighters at the Chubby Chicken takeaway Firefighters at the Chubby Chicken takeaway (Image: Contributed)

“Five minutes later I left the shop I was in and came across the Chubby Chicken shop, which had smoke billowing out of its front door.

"The fire brigade had cordoned off the road and a crowd had started to gather behind the tape.

“The smell was acrid even behind the cordon and I didn't stay too long to avoid breathing it in.

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“The fire was clearly out of control inside Chubby Chicken, but it seemed the fire brigade had arrived in time to contain it to the chicken shop, and it didn't appear to have spread to the shops on either side."

Oxford Mail: Firefighters on Cowley Road Firefighters on Cowley Road (Image: Victoria Montgomery)

Victoria Montgomery also came across the fire while walking to her nearby home.

She said: “I’d seen the fire engines rush by and the road closure at The Plain, but figured I’d divert path further up.

“By the time we got to the scene the fire was just out but it was clear the shop was burnt through - it looked as though the team had dealt with it quickly.

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“Officers had closed the road entirely and firefighters were in and out the pharmacy next door in gas masks and PPE.

“My friend lives across the road from the shop, and her flat smelt strongly of smoke even with all windows closed.

“All buses were diverted (except a no.10 coming towards Oxford) so I had to walk back to Temple Cowley.”

Firefighters from seven crews tackled the fire throughout the night.

When crews arrived, they found smoke coming from the takeaway building.

An Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said: “Firefighters with breathing apparatus used hose reel jets and were able to bring the fire under control.

“Due to the extent of the damage, the need to ensure all hot-spots were located and extinguished and the need to carry out further investigations; one fire appliance remained on-scene throughout the night.

Oxford Mail: Smoke was billowing out of the takeaway Smoke was billowing out of the takeaway (Image: TVP Roads Policing Unit)

“Investigations into the cause of the fire are being carried out along with Thames Valley Police.

No people were injured at the incident – everyone had evacuated before the attendance of the fire crews.”

Oxford Mail:

Crews from the following fire stations attended the incident: Slade Park, Rewley Road, Abingdon, Wheatley, Kidlington, Thame and Eynsham.