A council statement hitting back at Jeremy Clarkson has received a big backlash among the public.

West Oxfordshire District Council said on Tuesday that "Diddly Squat Farm must be treated like any other" after their clashes with Mr Clarkson appeared on season two of Clarkson’s Farm - a show currently being aired on Amazon Prime.

The council rejected several of Mr Clarkson’s planning applications to expand his Oxfordshire farm including a proposal for a car park.


Users on Twitter were particularly concerned that West Oxfordshire District Council were not supporting local farmers.

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One person wrote: “Diabolical how you’ve treated that farm and the local farmers. Pathetic, spiteful and vindictive.”

Another added: “Absolute waffle.

“I get there’s two sides to every story, but every council is the same.

"They go above and beyond when it comes to shafting any business but never go the same distance when it comes to improving their local areas."

West Oxfordshire District Council maintain they are on the side of farmers in their area.

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When asked for a response to these comments, a council spokesman said: "Farming and rural businesses are incredibly important in West Oxfordshire and we sympathise with the challenges farmers face in running their businesses, especially after the uncertainty caused by Brexit as highlighted in Clarkson’s Farm.

"We work successfully with many farmers across the district on a regular basis to discuss and approve planning applications to help them with their businesses.”

Another common theme on Twitter was the accusation that the councillors have a personal vendetta against the former Top Gear star.

One concerned user wrote: “Great example of councils stopping progress and not supporting local farmers.

“Personally, it feels more like a personal vendetta then a rational decision.

“Just the other side is a caravan/camping site but a car park at Diddly Squat Farm would interfere with the countryside?”

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Some commenters were surprised at the high numbers of people supporting Clarkson particularly after he caused controversy in December over comments he wrote in a column for The Sun about Meghan Markle.

One comment said: “Twitter replies normally have a good mix of people on both sides of an argument, especially when Jeremy Clarkson is involved.

“Interesting to see that every reply here supports him & thinks the council are basically harassing him and breaking their own rules.

“Shameful behaviour WODC.”

Another added: “Here is what it boils down to.

“Do I agree with Jeremy Clarkson all the time?

“No, he can be a bit difficult.

“However, in this case he is completely within his rights to build whatever he wants on his own land.

“A track? Really? This is a vindictiveness. Shameful.

West Oxfordshire District Council deny any allegations of a vendetta against Mr Clarkson. 

A council spokesman said: "“We do not have a ‘vendetta’ against Mr Clarkson (or indeed any applicant)  and behind the scenes we have worked with the owners and planning agents of Diddly Squat Farm to try and reach a positive outcome where the business can operate within the planning laws and policies.

"We have provided advice and approved many planning applications for Diddly Squat Farm over recent years where they have been submitted correctly and meet planning requirements.

"This included approving the farm shop with its current car park, approving a lambing shed and allowing the area from which farm shop produce could be sourced to be extended.

"We have also supported proposals at his own houses and in connection with the filming of The Grand Tour.