A STATUE of a holy man in Abingdon is set to be repaired after responsibility issues were raised following its collapse.

The nine-foot-tall wooden figure of an abbot, which is a man who is the head of an abbey of monks, has stood on the Marcham roundabout since 2002.

It has become a well-known landmark in the town, greeting drivers coming into the town from the A34 near the Tesco superstore.

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The statue recently toppled over and local authorities were unsure whose responsibility it was to look after and repair the abbot.

However, Oxford Wood Recycling has come to the rescue and claims it is ‘hopeful’ for the statue's future.

Mike Holland, from the company, told the BBC: "I've spoken to our carpenters here and they think it should be able to be fixed."

When the statue first fell, Abingdon Town Council have said the matter is for Oxfordshire County Council who maintain the roundabout. However, the highways authority have denied that is their responsibility.

The abbot was paid for by commercial publisher Abbey Press, which sponsored both the statue and the roundabout ahead of the Thames and Chiltern Country in Bloom competition in 2002.

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It was victorious in the 'best landscaping' category, but Abbey Press stopped trading in April 2013, leaving nobody responsible for the statue.

Residents have hoped to see the statue return to normal stating it is ‘a part of Abingdon’.


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