THE most expensive street in Oxford has been revealed with house prices reaching £5 million.

Using house price data from 2016 to 2021, Halifax has compiled a list of the most expensive streets in the UK and has revealed that Charlbury Road is Oxford's most expensive street.

The average cost of a property on this road is £5,103,000.

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Charlbury Road is the 16th most expensive street in the UK with Trite Street in Chelsea at the top with properties priced at just below £30 million.

Phillimore Gardens in London takes the second sport with properties at £25 million and South Audley Street, also in London, takes the third position with properties costing £22 million on average.

Oxford Mail: Charlbury RoadCharlbury Road (Image: Google Maps)

Esther Dijkstra, mortgage director at Lloyds Bank, said: “London’s dominance of the top ten most expensive streets in the UK continues, with property prices on some of the most famous roads in the capital averaging £19 million.

“Homes in the South East’s most expensive streets will set you back around £5.5 million, and you’ll benefit from more rural locations all within commuting distance of the capital.

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“However, much like house prices overall, homes in London have not experienced the same meteoric rise as other regions this year. Buyers with deeper pockets may be starting to look beyond the capital for their next grand home.”


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