An Asian restaurant off Cowley Road in east Oxford has closed, with the owner blaming Low Traffic Neighbourhood restrictions as a cause.

LTN bollards were introduced in the area by the county council last year to prevent drivers using certain streets including streets between Iffley Road and Cowley Road.

Some residents have welcomed them and have attempted to protect the bollards, but vandals have repeatedly ripped them out, forcing the council to pay to replace them.

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Naz Choudhury, runs Temple Lounge in Temple Street, which dates back to about 2010, when the Temple Bar pub was turned into a cafe and restaurant serving Halal Lebanese grill cuisine and Indian food.

He said: "Just to bring to your attention that Temple Lounge on Temple Street, next to Nandos on Cowley Road has closed permanently. 

"The business was successful for many years, having high profile guests many with security protocol from their respected embassies. 

Oxford Mail:

"The council's decision to put these bollards up along Cowley Road was the main reason, people dont want to travel here anymore.

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"After Covid the council could not have done anything worse than what they have done to the Cowley Road area. They should be ashamed of themselves."

There is also a Temple Lounge in Canary Wharf, London.

Mr Choudhury contacted the Oxford Mail after it emerged that Atomic Burger in Cowley Road has closed.

The popular eaterie first opened in 2009 and this was followed by Atomic Pizza a short distance away.

Atomic Burger outlasted Atomic Pizza but it now looks like Atomic Burger has closed too.

Chairs and tables and other items have been removed from the restaurant and there is no longer a sign outside saying when it will next be open.

Oxford Mail:

The Atomic Burger restaurant in Bristol is listed on google as being 'permanently closed'.

One diner said on Facebook: "Does anyone know what happened to Atomic Burger on Cowley Road?

"They closed down without warning about six weeks ago and have not reopened."

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In November, restaurateur Clinton Pugh, father of film star Florence Pugh, put up a giant poster to criticise the LTNs.

Mr Pugh, who owns Café Coco, Kazbar and Café Tarifa in Cowley Road,  unveiled the anti-LTN billboard on the side of Café Coco.

Oxford Mail:

The sign described Cowley Road as the city’s “most diverse and unique road” and called the LTNs an “ill thought out traffic experiment”.

Burger King in Cornmarket has also closed for good - shortly after it was awarded a one-star food hygiene rating.

The counter and other fixtures and fittings have been removed from the restaurant at 24 Cornmarket and a contractor on site said it would not reopen.

Burger King fans will now have to drive to Cowley Retail Park or the Welcome Break services at junction 8a of the M40.

There are also Burger King diners in Bicester, Didcot and Thame.

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