An injured and 'confused' badger who was found wandering around in a canal has been rescued.

The underweight badger with a damaged front paw was found by a member of the public wandering around the water's edge.

It was rescued by volunteers with the animal charities Oxfordshire Badger Group, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue and Berkshire Badgers.

Debbie White, a volunteer with the Oxfordshire Badger Group, said: "We were called to help out with this rescue by Binfield (Berks) Badger Group as it was just over the Oxfordshire border.

"She was reported by a member of the public after the badger approached him. She appeared confused and unsteady on her feet.

"As the rescue was close to a flooded canal and the light was fading, for safety, a team from Oxfordshire Badger Group together with Luke from Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue attended.

"The badger, now named 'Boots' was quickly captured and initial inspection showed she has swelling around are front paw."

She has been taken back to Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue for treatment. 

Oxfordshire Badger Group rescued 18 badgers during 2022, the busiest year for the group which has six teams with full rescue kit stationed around Oxfordshire.

Ms White said: "We would urge members of the public not to approach an injured badger but to call either Oxfordshire badger Group, Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue or another local wildlife rescue service."

It is their second badger rescue this year - and this week.

On Tuesday (17/1) a hypothermic badger was spotted by employees of a car company cowering under a vehicle in their car park on Botley Road.

The badger's sett was flooded and the flood water had frozen.

He was named Biscuit as the employees from the car company offered him biscuits to keep him calm under the car.

He is now spending a few days in the Nutkin Ward at the wildlife rescue centre until the water subsides and then he will be released back into the wild.