A hungry and scared badger was rescued after his flooded sett froze in sub-zero temperatures.

The hypothermic badger was spotted by employees of a car company in Botley Road, cowering under a vehicle in their car park on Tuesday (17/1).

They tried to lure him out with biscuits before local animal charity The Badger Group came to the rescue.

He is now being cared for at a wildlife rescue centre and will eventually be returned to the wild.

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Volunteer Debbie White, who went to the scene with her daughter Amelia and another volunteer Nicolette, said: "The badger's sett was flooded and the flood water frozen.

"The adult male badger was spotted by Hannah from the car company, shivering on a tiny piece of concrete above the entrance to the sett.

Oxford Mail:

"By the time we got there the badger was hiding under a car."

Some of the employees helped create a cardboard barrier to stop the badger leaving the safety of the car and going out on to the ice where he might have fallen through.

"Using a grasper and rescue cage we managed to get him out from under the car," said Debbie.

"While the badger had no physical injuries, he was hypothermic, hungry and shaking."

The badger was taken to a rescue centre where he warmed up.

Debbie said: "He had two bowls of food and a long sleep.

Oxford Mail:

"He was named Biscuit as the employees from the car company offered him biscuits to keep him calm under the car.

"He will spend a few days recovering at Nutkin Ward until the water subsides and then he will be released back home."