AN Oxfordshire MP has criticised Thames Waters after data revealed that sewage has been continuously overflowing from Witney sewage works since December - at 457 hours in total.

Thames Water’s Event Duration Monitoring map publishes data collected from sensors on storm overflows.

The sensors trigger an alert when a certain level is reached, indicating a storm discharge is happening.

The Sewage Treatment Works at Witney flows into the River Windrush, a tributary of the River Thames.

The works are upstream from Wolvercote Mill Stream at Port Meadow, meaning sewage discharged makes the newly-designated bathing water area unsafe to swim in.

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In November, Wolvercote Mill Stream’s water quality was rated ‘poor’ by the Environment Agency, partially because of the sewage releases at Witney and Cassington.

Liberal Democrat Layla Moran, who represents Abingdon and Oxford West, has been campaigning for safer swimming waters both in Oxfordshire and across the country.

Responding to the findings, Ms Moran said: “I am disgusted, but sadly not surprised, that Thames Water are continuing to pump sewage into our rivers.

"This is just the latest indictment of their shocking environmental performance.

Oxford Mail: Layla Moran Layla Moran (Image: a)

“Conservative MPs shamefully voted against a ban on sewage discharges and now swimmers and wildlife are left to pay the price. All whilst water company CEOs pay themselves multi-million pound bonuses. The whole thing stinks.

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“We need to take urgent action, hold water companies to account for their negligent behaviour, and make sure they clean up their act.”


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