A FORMAL response is ‘still being worked on’ to a public consultation on the new London Road crossing in Bicester.

Oxfordshire MP Victoria Prentis chaired a meeting between the town’s councillors and East West Rail (EWR) to get an update on the project.

The roundtable follows an earlier meeting last summer where Ms Prentis took the CEO Of East West Rail, Beth West, to the London Road crossing.

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Speaking on the meeting, Ms Prentis said: “Beth told us that East West Rail are continuing to work on their formal response to last year’s public consultation.

“As part of this response, they are working up the most viable options for London Road in greater detail.

“We had a productive discussion on the benefits and disadvantages which come with each solution.

“Beth assured us that her team are working hard to find a viable solution which does not simply close the crossing and cut our town in half.

“The proposals presented to us today were evidence that EWR are keeping all possibilities on the table and are prepared to think outside the box to secure the best possible solution.

“The London Road crossing has been an issue which I have worked on since I was first elected.

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“The councillors and I were all in agreement that work on a viable solution is continuing in the right direction. We look forward to seeing East West Rail’s formal consultation response later this year.”


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