‘The state of roads in Didcot is atrocious,’ said a cyclist who said the potholes across the town are becoming a danger.

Tim Masters, of York Road, has written to Oxfordshire County Council to report several potholes which are a ‘potential danger’ to road users.

He said: “The state of the roads around the Hagbournes near Didcot is atrocious. I'm a cyclist and motorist. I use these roads almost every day.  

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“The most serious pothole is on Brook Lane, close to the junction with Park Road and Main Road in Coscote.  

Oxford Mail: One of the potholes causing alarmOne of the potholes causing alarm (Image: Tim Masters)

“The pothole is so deep I can park my bike in it. In my opinion this pothole is a potential danger to life. 

“The stretch of Park Road surrounded by open fields between Didcot and the Hagbournes is in a disgraceful state - especially for cyclists.  

Oxford Mail: PotholesPotholes (Image: Tim Masters)

“Many sections at the side the road have collapsed and are unusable. There are dangerous potholes and dips along the whole stretch.

“The road quality has seriously worsened since it has become a main route to and from East Hagbourne used by construction vehicles for the new Deanfield Green development.”

Speaking to BBC Radio, Andrew Gant, cabinet member for highway management, said the council understands safety concerns but it the authority is under ‘budget pressures’ due to inflation as well as ‘severe weather making the situation on roads worse’.

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He urged people to use Fix My Street to continue reporting these issues.


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