Persisent mould issues could force a woman and her young child to leave their home due to the impact on their health.

Kimberly Green has lived in Hawksmoor Road in Cutteslowe, Oxford, since 2004.

She reports that there has been a mould issue since she moved in which has been repeatedly reported to Oxford City Council.

Her GP is now advising her to move out due to the potential respiratory impact. 

The mother said the council had paid out compensation to her last year as a result of the mould but states that despite the payout, the issue has continued.

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Ms Green, who has a seven-month-old baby, said: “My youngest had to be taken to A+E about a week before Christmas due to having developed bronchitis.

“The GP said it could be the mould causing upper respiratory issues as I also suffer from asthma and has recommended the council move us.

Oxford Mail:

“However I have called and emailed the council and nothing has been done. I have even tried to get councillors involved.

“I am at a loss of what to do now but I am worried for my youngest’s health.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “Oxford City Council takes reports of mould in its properties very seriously and will take the appropriate action to deal with it.

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“The tenant of this property first reported a mould problem in December 2020.

Oxford Mail:

"The council subsequently inspected the property several times and took action that involved fitting a Positive Input Ventilation unit (POV), chemically treating the mould, installing a new bathroom extractor fan and offering advice on the importance of good ventilation and adequate heating.

“Last month a Council Surveyor, an officer from ODS and a representative from a specialist damp and mould firm visited the property.

“Their subsequent report and photos indicated that there is not currently a problem. All the walls were clear of damp and mould and there was no penetrating or rising damp detectable.

Oxford Mail:

“The council has offered the tenant use of a humidity monitor to check that relative humidity is kept between 40 per cent to 60 per cent.

 “The council is confident that if the tenant continues to use the POV, the bathroom extractor and follows the advice given, that the problem will not recur and we will carry out follow up visits subsequent visits to make sure this is the case.”

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In response, Ms Green said: “This isn’t true at all the walls are full of mould in my bedroom and when I first moved into my property in 2004 they had to re plaster my whole bathroom ceiling because of the mould issue.”


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