AN Oxfordshire MP has called on the Government to bring in an emergency ban on banks repossessing people’s homes over the Christmas period.

Layla Moran, MP for Abingdon and Oxford West, said there were 59 possession warrants and 13 mortgage repossessions in the last 12 months across the county.

She added that the Liberal Democrats are also calling on the Government to immediately bring in its long-promised ban on no-fault evictions to protect renters, along with an increase in housing benefits and a moratorium on evictions based on rent arrears to protect those facing soaring rental prices.

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Ms Moran has warned that the Government must act now, adding that no one should face losing their home over Christmas.

Liberal Democrat proposals include a temporary ban on banks repossessing people’s homes over the Christmas period. The party is also calling for a Mortgage Protection Fund to support homeowners hardest hit by soaring mortgage prices.

Responding to the findings, Ms Moran said: “Families in Oxfordshire are facing a nightmare before Christmas, with monthly mortgage and rent payments going through the roof.

"The anxiety of eviction hangs over far too many people's heads.

“The Conservative Government put hundreds of pounds on people’s mortgages through their disastrous mini-budget.

"The very least they could now do is to take responsibility for fixing this mess and protecting families on the brink.

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“No one should face losing their home this Christmas because the Conservative Government crashed the economy.”


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