A FIRE service has issued a warning after children were found ‘playing roulette’ on a frozen pond in Oxfordshire.

Didcot Fire Station said crews were ‘saddened’ to see ‘several primary school aged children’ playing on the pond in Scots Pine Way, off Diamond Drive, in Didcot, on Tuesday (December 13).

It has now urged parent and children to stay away from large bodies of water and not to go on the ice.

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The warning comes after three boys died after falling through ice on a lake in Solihull, West Midlands, on Sunday (December 11) and another left in critical condition in hospital.

Didcot Fire Station said: “Following the tragedies in the West Midlands this week we were helpfully informed about local youths playing the same game of roulette on the frozen ponds around Didcot.

“The crew spoke to the children, who said they were only doing what they saw older kids doing that morning.

“We would like to use this as a timely reminder to parents and children stay away from the edges of bodies of water, do not go on to the ice for any reason, and if pets or animals become stranded, do not attempt to rescue them.”

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People are urged to 999 ‘immediately’ and ask for the fire service if they see a person or animal in difficulty.


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