A DECISION on resubmitted plans for fresh gravel extraction in Wallingford has been delayed.

Aggregate suppliers London Rock previously applied for permission in 2018 to extract 550,000 tonnes of minerals at White Cross Farm, near Wallingford and then construct a 280-berth marina on the site once quarrying had finished and the pit filled with water.

Oxfordshire County Council rejected the plans in 2020 for several reasons including a lack of demand for new moorings.

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The quarrying company submitted a new application in partnership with the landowners to just extract 550,000 tonnes of minerals over a potential 19 hectares without the marina proposals.

However a decision on the plans, which would include extraction for four to five years with an anticipated 140,000 tonnes extracted per year, has been delayed due to further information needed by Oxfordshire County Council.

A decision was due to be made by November 29 following a public consultation. However, due to new information being required it is likely another consultation will need to take place next year.

In a letter uploaded to the planning document, the authority has asked for more information about transport, biodiversity, landscape, flooding, groundwater, drainage, air quality and noise, and climate change.

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Traffic assessments are needed for both the A329 Reading Road and A4130 Nosworthy Way to determine how traffic flow would be impacted as well as information on how the HGV movements would impact the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Confirmation is also needed that Black Poplar trees identified on the site will be retained as well as confirmation of the presence of any invasive species.

Additional information is need on root protection areas, retaining hedgerows and an alternative treatment to straw bales.

Mary Hudson, principal planning officer for the authority, said: “Following submission of this further information we will hold a further public consultation period as required by the above referenced regulations.”

So far the plans for the quarry have been slammed by residents and local authorities, urging the council to reject the scheme.

Wallingford Town Council has recommended refusal due to wanting to protect the AONB. Chilterns Conservation Board, a public body established to conserve and enhance the Chilterns AONB, also agrees the plans would harm the area.

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CRPE) Oxford supports the objections adding that the Thames Path is a ‘very popular’ National Trail long-distance walking and running route.

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Despite the criticism, Simon Rees, an agent for London Rock, said the plans have ‘no adverse impacts’ which outweigh the benefits of the proposals.

It is unknown what the new target decision date is.


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