JEREMY Corbyn’s brother told Oxfordshire County Council it should scrap its plans for six 'traffic filters' during a meeting today.

Councillor Liz Leffman, who leads the council, allowed climate change denier Piers Corbyn to speak at a cabinet meeting discussing the measures this morning.  

The council voted in favour of trialling the measures from January 2024 as it said they will "reduce traffic, make bus journeys faster and make walking and cycling safer."

Mr Corbyn, who is a weather forecaster and is known his rejection of the scientific consensus on climate change, said: “I have spoken around the world on climate and solar matters and I’m here, councillors, to convince you of two things.

Oxford Mail:

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“One, that man-made climate change does not exist and secondly, that being the case you should drop all of these green measures and other green measures that you are doing on other committees.

“The point is that the basis of these documents are false – man-made climate change does not exist and if you don’t believe me, look at the sky. You should have a special meeting to discuss whether man-made climate change exists or not.”

Responding to Mr Corbyn’s claims, councillor Andrew Gant, the council’s cabinet member for highways management, said: “Mr Corbyn said climate change is not real – this council has formally adopted a position that climate change is real.

“Mr Corbyn you are wrong, we are right.”  

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