Alex James has said he would be "delighted" if Liam Gallagher became his neighbour.

The rock star turned cheesemaker, who has just announced a reunion with his band Blur, reacted to reports of the former Oasis frontman viewing a £3.5million house in Chipping Norton.

He told Radio X's Johnny Vaughan: “I was delighted to hear that.”

Asked what advice he would give the former hellraiser if he wanted to go into farming, he said: “I hope he does take the plunge, but farms are the nearest thing there is to a natural habitat for the rock gentleman.

"I don’t think anyone ever bought a farm and said, ‘Oh no’.”

Speaking of his Country House in Kingham, he joked: “It’s just a walking, living, breathing cliché I’m afraid.

"There’s no escape.”

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Mr Gallagher was reportedly seen viewing a Grade II listed home which has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, a big garden and “Roman” pool.

Neighbours in the market town would include Jeremy Clarkson, the Beckhams, Amanda Holden — and Mr James, 53.

The house would be within reach of Soho Farmhouse - popular with his children - and the keen runner would have plenty of country lanes to pound.

According to the Daily Mail, a resident who spotted him remarked: "I thought he looked familiar but it wasn't until my husband got home that he told me the Oasis singer was looking round one of the local houses.

"There are certainly a lot of famous faces around here and I wonder if he might be the next one because he seemed keen on what he was being shown."

In 1995 London-based Blur released Country House on the same day as Manchester’s Oasis released Roll With It, leading to the 'Battle of Britpop'.

Blur won the race to No 1.

The resident said: "I only hope he doesn't fall out with Alex James, who I know as the cheesemaker but my son tells me was in the band Blur, who he says had a big feud with Oasis in the 1990s."

Blur have just announced what was to be a one-off 2023 show at London's Wembley stadium on July 8 but due to "phenomenal demand" a second date at Wembley is taking place on Sunday July 9.

It will be the band's first show since 2015 and first at Wembley.

They will be supported by Northampton rapper Slowthai, acclaimed pop musician Self Esteem, and rising experimental pop duo Jockstrap.

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But Mr James revealed his children - three boys, Geronimo and twins Artemis and Galileo, and two daughters, Sable and Beatrix - nearly gave the game away.

He said: "Keeping it in the bag has been tricky because one of the kids found out and started telling all the others, then they started telling their friends... I was like, No no! You could totally ruin it!

"But they're really excited! I was taking one of them to see one of his friend's bands play the other week, and he was saying 'Dad, dad, they do two Blur songs! And only one Oasis song!"

Savills who are marketing the Chipping Norton property said they did not know if Mr Gallagher had viewed it.



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