A LARGE cast poppy seed statue could be installed in Cholsey as inspired by the ‘local flora and fauna’.

An application has been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, to build and install the statue to the land rear of Wallingford Road as part of the ‘public open space S106 obligation’ agreement with Bellway Homes.

Andrew McKeown, a sculptor, has designed a galvanised steel poppy seed statue which would be 2m high, 2m wide and 3.5m long.

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In a design and access statement, he said: “The idea for this sculpture has been inspired by the local flora and fauna, particularly poppies.

“I am proposing to create a giant open framed poppy head structure, based on actual poppy seed head structures, as these are very sculptural and at up to two metres tall - depending on steel costs at the time of order - will be a very distinctive focal point within the open space, drawing people in.

“The poppy seed head allows the incorporation of multiple smaller poppy seed sculptures which could be used as occasional seating and informal play features.

“The seeds will punctuate the public open space leading people through and to the stand-alone focal sculpture.

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“The whole space will become part of the artwork which is visually activated by the smaller seeds.”

The planning authority will reach a decision by November 25.


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