UK drivers have been warned to avoid this 'life hack' after a viral video on TikTok showed a new way to keep car windscreens clear of rain this coming winter.

Risk insurance experts from Chill Insurance were quick to warn motorists to avoid following the trend after revealing it could land offenders huge fines and even jail time.

The 'life hack' claims that by using its new method, drivers will never need to use windscreen wipers again.

However, the experts said that relying on this method to improve visibility could overly increase confidence and lead to dangerous driving.

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What is the TikTok windscreen life hack?

In one video with around 180,000 views, the American motorist uses a water-repellent solution to clear water from his windscreen while driving.

The solution appears to show some success with water moving away from his line of vision.

At the end of the video, the driver praises the solution and finishes by saying: "So yeah, no wipers!"

however, despite a positive reception on TikTok, experts have warned of the danger of this new trend.

Why is this windscreen TikTok trend dangerous?

Oxford Mail: Canva - Why is the Tik Tok trend dangerous?Canva - Why is the Tik Tok trend dangerous? (Image: Canva)

Experts over at Chill Insurance have said that relying on this method during adverse conditions was very dangerous and could potentially be expensive.

They said: "Whilst the water-repellent solution appears to work to some degree in the TikTok video, we would argue that visibility is still impaired from the rain, and therefore not using the windscreen wipers is making it dangerous to drive.

"Therefore, drivers should not solely rely on the water-repellent solution to keep water off their windscreens to avoid dangerous driving conditions.

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"Whilst your car insurance will still cover you for driving in extreme weather conditions, that doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks on the road.

"If your insurance company can prove that any accidents that occur do so from your own negligence, for example relying on water-resistant spray in heavy rain without using windscreen wipers, then it may result in not getting the needed payout if the worst should happen."

What are the penalties for dangerous driving in the UK?

The experts added that relying on this method could be dangerous and lead to dangerous driving.

Depending on how severe the driving violations are, drivers could be given an unlimited fine.

Drivers can also lose points on their licenses and be banned from driving for 12 months and even be given prison time.

For more information on driving fines, penalties and bans visit the UK government website.