A FITNESS instructor from Bicester is on a mission to help people transform their lives from the inside out with the launch of her new ‘Inflowfit Method’.

Mounira Assoul, 49, who recently self-published her debut health and fitness book, believes the current model of eating less and working out more is flawed.

Her alternative approach encourages positive transformation that incorporates the mind, body and spirit.

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Her three-phase method is based around the metrics provided by digital scales and considers how hydrated and stressed people are, as well as their ‘metabolic’ age, which can either be higher or lower than their chronological one.

Ms Assoul, who originally worked in public relations before training as a fitness instructor in 2013, said: “While in the gym, I noticed that some people were working hard but not witnessing any change in their bodies.

“I realised that for many people, going to the gym provides a justification for the unhealthy life they lead outside of it.”

During the lockdowns, Ms Assoul completed an online course on the psychology of eating. “I realised that all of us have a complicated relationship with food in some way or another,” she said.

“This isn’t all our fault, as our stressful lives mean we are encouraged to turn to convenient, highly processed foods, which are invariably loaded with sugar and salt.”

While people were stuck indoors, Ms Assoul worked on an online programme that they could follow from the comfort of home.

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She followed this up with her book The Inflowfit Method which she brought out in July with the help of a self-publishing company in London.

As well as offering practical steps on how to make simple changes to our health and wellbeing, Ms Assoul investigates the science behind our behaviour, including why we may get into unhealthy eating patterns, which then feel almost impossible to break.

 “What’s unique about my method is that it isn’t just about what you eat or how much exercise you do,” she said.

“When people come to me for advice about how to become healthier, I tell them to tackle their hydration and sleep first. To make lasting change, you must look at your entire lifestyle. Only then can you start to make changes.”

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Ms Assoul launched her method and her new book at Bicester Leisure Centre in Queens Avenue last week.

Her book is published by Wrate’s Publishing and is available from Amazon as a paperback and eBook.


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