‘OXFORD will remain the home of the Mini,’ says BMW following the decision to move production of electric Minis to China.

The carmaker announced it would be axing production of its electric vehicles at the Cowley plant which makes 40,000 electric Minis per year.

However, the company stated that ‘no jobs would be lost’. It added that the plant would make the Mini Cooper three-door and five-door Hatch models, as well as the Mini Convertible from 2025.

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New cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030.

Baroness Vere, a transport minister, told the House of Lords that the decision was ‘unfortunate’ and that the carmaker had not consulted her department before announcing the move.

However, she said she was "not concerned" about the future of electric car production in the UK.

Asked about the changes in the Lords, Baroness Vere said she accepted that ‘some companies will come into the market and some will leave’.

"There will be some flux but at the moment we are not concerned," she added.

A Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy spokesperson told the BBC: "We are determined to ensure the UK remains one of the best locations in the world for automotive manufacturing as we transition to electric vehicles.

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"We do not comment on speculation or the commercial affairs of private companies. We engage with a range of manufacturers in the auto sector on a regular and ongoing basis."


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