A NEW independent poll shows that people in Oxford support measures to install traffic filters in the city by a margin of almost two to one.

Research carried out as part of YouGov’s on behalf of Oxfordshire Liveable Streets shows that 60 per cent of those questioned supported the plans to create six traffic filters while only 31 per cent opposed the plans

Only 10 per cent of people didn’t express a view either way on the planned filters.

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Respondents were asked the following question in the survey:  “Six new 'traffic filters' are being considered which are designed to reduce traffic levels across Oxford, making bus journeys quicker and walking and cycling safer.

“When they are operating, most private cars will not be allowed through without a permit. All other vehicles including buses and emergency services will be allowed at all times.

“Having read the above, would you support or oppose such a measure?”

Rachel Gildea, who lives in Temple Cowley where LTNs (low traffic neighbourhood) has been in place for about a year, said: “I really like these changes because they can make it easier to get around walking or on my bike, which is free and that's really important to me right now.

“Mostly, I just think about the cleaner air my little girl is breathing, and when my little daughter is older, she'll have safe, cheap, easy ways to get around.

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“We can't just carry on as we are with cars for every journey, we've got to make a change at some point. I see these measures as making it easier to do the best thing for our future which everyone wants to do, don't they?'”

When asked about plans to expand the Zero Emissions Zone with a charging system where higher polluting vehicles pay more, 69 per cent of those surveyed said they would support the plans, while only 23 per cent would oppose them.

Robin Tucker, who runs a small business in Oxfordshire and is chair of the coalition for Healthy Streets and Active Travel (CoHSAT), said: “People that live here understand that we need to do something in order to get Oxford moving again.

“Currently our buses are slower than a horse and cart, and our city doesn’t feel safe enough to get around.

“We need to see measures including traffic filters, a clean air zone and ways to encourage people away from commuting by car so we can all move freely and get where we want to go.”

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A consultation organised by Oxfordshire County Council on six proposed traffic filters closed last week. A final decision is due from the Cabinet in November.


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