IMPROVEMENTS to the riverside including an accessible mooring in Wallingford have been met with positive comments from residents.

Riverside Park and Caravan Site, in Riverside Park, Crowmarsh Gifford, has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, to construct an accessible mooring, improve exiting riverbank access, widen footpaths and build a small storage shed.

The plans, which are for the righthand side of Wallingford Bridge, are to help Wallingford Accessible Boat Club (WABC) have access to a pontoon for its Coulam Wheelyboat V20.

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It also to help ‘improve accessibility to the river for the mobility impaired’.

The mooring would consist of a small 2.2m by 2m platform fixed between the existing river wall and two proposed piles.

A ramped section of 10m by 2m would lead to a floatable section of pontoon providing mooring opportunity for accessible boats.

The floatable section would be supported by flotation decides and would be connected to guided piles to reduce the risk of disconnection during flood events.

There would also be associated guard railings and a gate.

The proposed footpath is to replace the existing grass ramp with a new surfaced ramp that had a wider width and would lead to the existing service road at the front of the site.

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As well as the mooring and widening of the footpath, the caravan site has also proposed a small storage shed to build in the car park.

In a design and access statement, the caravan site said: “The proposal aims to improve accessibility to the river for the mobility impaired and has been developed to meet the needs of Wallingford Accessible Boat Club, a local charity aiming to provide river trips from a base within Wallingford.”

The proposal has been met with positive comments from residents including John Jenkins, of Greenfield Crescent, who said: “There are few – if any – outdoor facilities that enable disabled people, particularly wheelchair users, get down to the riverside and enjoy fresh air.

“Completion of this development will be a major step forward.”

Adrian Pike, of Goring Lane, added: “The charity has supported disabled people in the local community and this facility provides a much-needed base.”

Jane Thorogood, of Castle Street, commented: “This mooring is a much-needed facility for the WABC and will ensure that everyone in our community can enjoy use of the River Thames.”

Adrian Lloyd, of Nelson Close, said: “The wheelyboat is a great asset for disabled people and for Wallingford as a whole.

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“This application will make the wheelyboat even more accessible, the benefits of which far outweigh any negative impacts that possibly could arise from a new mooring platform.”


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