Readers have made suggestions for the best retailers to take over the empty Topshop and Topman units in Oxford.

The retail units in Queen Street have remained empty since the popular fashion chain closed stores across the country nearly two years ago.

In February 2021, Topshop staff said they were 'heartbroken' after being told the news the stores would never reopen again. 

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In a message for everyone to see on the Queen Street store window, staff wrote: "To all of our lovely customers of TSTM [Topshop, Topman] Oxford. 

Oxford Mail:

"Thank you for all the smiles, the laughter and your loyalty to this store for the past five years.

"We are heartbroken having to close our doors forever and will miss you all very much.

"Stay safe, keep smiling and please support your local high street.

"Lots of love TSTM Oxford." 

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After the Oxford Mail highlighted the empty units, readers on Facebook have suggested who they would like to see take them over.

Annika Ramen said she would like to see: "A come back of all of the small quirky independent shops we lost over the years. (and/or Boswells)."

Another reader added: "I would like to see another Woolworths back here as I think the shopping here at the moment is diabolical -not like it was years ago with loads of individual shops."

Emily Seear said the space should be used for something different.

She added: "A decent homeless shelter or a massive food bank for those who have little rather than create something for those who have a lot."

Mark Huggins agreed, adding: "Given it seems every big empty shop is becoming a boutique hotel, how about turning it into something useful like a hostel to tackle the city’s homeless problem?"

But Douglas Scott had a different view, wanting a 'massive secondhand record shop'.

Kelly Hook said: "It would be nice to actually see a shop for children. Build a bear was always popular in the old Westgate and kids loved it. Now it’s all adult shops and nothing for the kids."

Oxford Mail:

Now there is nothing to see at the once busy units apart from posters in the windows and homeless people using the doorways to ask for spare change.

Oxford City Council is not the landlord for the property and it is not known if there is any prospect of another retailer moving in.

Spokesman Tony Ecclestone said: "The city council does not control this property so it’s not ours to market."

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