THREE men have been fined more than £4,600 after fly tipping waste into a brook running through Goosey near Wantage.

Dexter Jones, Aaron Peters and Dale Morley have been ordered by Oxford Magistrates to pay a total of £4,657 after dumping household waste into the brook.

In April last year, Vale of White Horse District Council’s envirocrime team were notified of a fly tip of household rubbish in the brook along Goosey Lane.

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Evidence at the scene led the team to a resident in East Hanney, who confirmed they had arranged with a company called ‘Hook Em Up’ to scrap an old car.

For a fee of £100, the company also agreed to dispose of some rubbish inside the vehicle. The resident identified the rubbish taken by ‘Hook Em Up’ as that fly tipped in the brook.

The court heard that the council investigated the company and subsequently identified the three men.

Jones who drove the tow truck with the car containing the waste, the company owner Peters who arranged to sell the car and its contents to a third man, Morley, who subsequently disposed of some of the waste in his garden but left the rest in the car when he sold it on.

There was no waste carrier licence or scrap metal licence in place nor any documentation regarding the waste.

All three men were all prosecuted for their failure in their duty of care for the handling of the waste.

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Morley, 34, of Burchester Avenue in Headington, Oxford, pleaded guilty to charges related to failure in his duty of care and said he was ‘sorry for his part’.

He was fined £300, a victim surcharge of £34 and courts costs of £353 totally £687.

Peters, 32, of Thame Road in Tiddington, also pleaded guilty and said he was ‘deeply sorry that this waste was fly tipped’.

He added that when someone wanted to buy the car, he didn’t think of the consequences. He was fined £1,000, a victim surcharge of £100 and court costs of £353 totalling £1,453.

Jones, 25, of West End in Silverstone, Towcester, pleaded guilty and was fined £1,968, a victim surcharge of £196 and court costs of £353 totalling £2517.

Councillor Sally Povolotsky, the district council’s member for climate emergency and environment, said: “This was great work by the council to pursue a complicated case.

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“It is a warning to those who fail to safely dispose of waste which then ends up being fly tipped that they could face prosecution as these men have.”


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