Jeremy Clarkson is considering using human poo to fertilise the crops at Diddly Squat Farm - but the idea of eating food grown this way fills him "with revulsion".

He said "this country produces approximately 70 million turds a day. Which is too many."

"That’s probably why, this morning, Kaleb came bouncing into the farm office to announce that he’s just done a deal with Severn Trent to buy some of those turds, which he’s going to use as fertiliser.

"He was very excited, saying it costs ten times less than animal muck and about a thousandth of what I pay for the chemicals I use at Diddly Squat," he wrote in The Sunday Times.

But he added: "Would you buy food if you knew it had been grown using human excrement?"

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One of his issues is that humans don't eat animals that eat other animals because that means eating “three from the sun”, which, in general, is a health no-no.

Oxford Mail:

"So how do I feel about eating plants that have been fertilised using the excrement from a human meat eater? Same as I would about eating food fertilised with dog s***. Nervous."

In fact, "biosolids" are already used by some farmers.

Human waste is recovered from water treatment works and the organic material, or sewage sludge, is searched for harmful materials.

Water is removed and any that is being sent to be used as biosolids must be tested for heavy metals such as mercury, zinc, and copper.

Biosolids provide nutrients and organic materials for the crops and plants to absorb, such as nitrates and phosphates.

An unfortunate downside is the smell that comes with it.

The foul smell can be carried into surrounding areas on winds, and it can linger for a few days.

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Mr Clarkson concludes he can see the benefits. "The possibility that less sewage gets spilt in the sea. And the certainty that we will have less reliance on the chem-giants to produce artificial fertiliser.

"But I have a genuine problem with s***. I struggle with soiled nappies and simply cannot clean up dog eggs without gagging. So the idea of eating food that I know contains human excrement fills me with revulsion.

"Maybe if I thought the waste had been produced by a “two from the sun” vegetabalist I’d feel better. But I doubt it."



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