A driving instructor enticed young girls into secluded woodland and made them kick him in the groin for sexual gratification, a jury heard today.

Oxford Crown Court heard married David Aston, 32, stripped naked and crouched on a rug on his hands and knees before twice making a group of girls kick him.

Aston, of Bell Close, Witney, denies two counts of sexual activity with a child, four of causing or enticing a child to engage in sexual activity and five of making indecent photographs of children.

Peter Coombe, prosecuting, said the defendant sent emails concerning his sexual "predilection".

Mr Coombe said Aston met a girl in an online chatroom in 2006 and arranged to meet her and a 14-year-old friend in a supermarket car park in Bicester.

After picking the girls up - both of whom claimed they were 16 years old - Aston drove to a secluded area and performed a series of sex acts with them in the car, the court heard.

Mr Coombe said: "He then got out of the car, put a towel on the ground, took off his underpants, crouched down and encouraged the two girls to kick him repeatedly.

"They each kicked him a number of times.

"Eventually he asked them to stop because it was hurting.

"He dropped them back off and gave one of them £10."

Mr Coombe said Aston then arranged a second meeting with the girls, who also brought along a 13-year-old friend.

Mr Coombe said: "He was made perfectly well aware she was aged under 16.

"The second occasion in Spring, 2006, followed the same pattern - a drive to a wooded area, one of the girls performed a sex act on him. He then got out of the car, pulled his underclothing off, crouched down on all fours and encouraged all three girls to kick him the same way as before."

He said Aston called police in May, 2006, and told them he had met a girl who was "gagging for it" - but had turned her down because she was underage.

Aston was arrested five days later and his home was searched by police.

Mr Coombe said officers found two computers containing indecent images of children - 10 on a computer in the attic and four on one in the living room.

He added: "Also on the computer were a selection of emails concerning the defendant's interest in having his groin kicked - one sent two minutes after one of the illegal images had been downloaded."

The court heard Aston handed a prepared statement to police in March, 2007, saying he had met one of the girls online and agreed a form of abuse on him would take place, and admitted one had performed a sex act on him.

But he claimed he believed all the girls were over 16.

The trial continues.