An all-singing, all-dancing theatre extravaganza brought in more than £3,000 for a theatre refurbishment programme.

The show, called Something Old, Something New, was held at Pegasus Theatre, Magdalen Road, East Oxford, to help raise the final £1.7m of an ambitious £6.3m project.

The two-day event, on April 26 and 27, featured about 20 different groups and organisations.

And ticket sales alone brought in £2,960 towards the theatre's appeal.

Raffles and further donations brought the total up to £3,343.

Artistic director Euton Daley said: "We are really heartened by the support that our friends are lending to the campaign.

"Many people have told me, personally, how important Pegasus has been to them and their children.

"People are really looking forward to seeing a brand new Pegasus in the next few years."

She added: "The encouragement we are receiving, and the regard in which Pegasus is held by so many, makes us convinced we are right to be developing this project and sure of our future success."

The idea of the gala event was for different acts to present a mix of favourite works from their repertoires, works in progress, premieres of new pieces, and previews of performances due to be shown in full later in the year.

Menelva Harry, artistic director of Gelede Dance, which is based at Pegasus, performed an improvisation with Suzanna Barnes.

She also choreographed some of the other pieces, including a dramatic pairs dance by Nicola Moses and Alan Hutson.

She said: "It was a fantastic event.

"It was really good and it was also nice to see everyone else's work.

"There was a really good atmosphere.

"I am quite surprised the theatre raised so much, but I was hoping there was going to be a secret millionaire who was going to turn up and save the day."

Miss Harry is a former member of Oxford Youth Theatre, which is based on the site, and started her dance career at Pegasus.

She said the night had brought together many old friends.

She said: "It was a celebration, but everyone is also anxious to get the building up and running and raise the money.

"It was nice to see old faces and people who were a part of the youth theatre back in the 1980s. That was really positive."

Anyone who wants to support the Pegasus Theatre's fundraising effort can contact the venue on 01865 792209.