Villagaers in Radley fear drainage problems along a country road could cause a serious accident.

For months, blocked drains outside Radley College have caused rainwater to swamp Kennington Road.

During storms, motorists are forced into the middle of the road to avoid the water, which has eaten away at the embankment and begun to undermine a footpath that runs alongside the road.

Oxfordshire county councillor Bob Johnston said both Radley Parish Council and the college had lobbied Oxfordshire County Council to fix the problem - but were unhappy with what had been done so far.

However, the council insists officers are seeking a solution and says work has been carried out in the area.

Mr Johnston said: "We have discussed it with the officers many times and they all agree there's a problem, but nothing has been done to successfully alleviate the problem.

"They have cleared drains out and sent down cameras. But they are going to have to find some extra resources to get the job done. We could be talking about tens of thousands of pounds.

"It is storm water which is the problem.

"It's got to the point that when we have heavy rain the road is only passable with extreme care."

Radley Parish Council chairman Jennie Standen echoed his concerns.

She said villagers had long suspected the drains outside the college were blocked.

She added: "Only recently the council found it was indeed blocked as we always suggested. But nothing seems to have been done.

"It's undermining the footpath. It's really quite urgent.

"The water goes two thirds across the road when we have heavy rain. It's only a matter of time before we have an accident."

County council highways engineer John Beaumont said: "A blockage was removed from the drains some weeks ago and repairs to the embankment took place.

"Further work on the embankment will take place in coming weeks.

"We are fully aware there is still an issue with the drains when there has been heavy rain.

"We reject suggestions we have been inactive."