In reply to Dorothy Holloway's reaction to my previous letter (Oxford Mail, April 30), may I point out a few facts?

My concern is that if all bus pass holders can travel free in ANY town or city, this will push up Oxford fares for non-pass holders to a very high level, when compared with most other areas.

Areas such as Oxford and Cambridge attract huge numbers of visitors from all over England.

We will have a much larger summer influx of free-pass users than, for example, Basingstoke or Reading.

Of course, I could refuse to use my pass and if I really believed this would change the situation, I would.

But as this would be the most minuscule drop in the ocean, that would be no point.

Anyway, in the incredibly unlikely situation of many people not using them, I'm quite sure that the companies would keep the fares up now that they have been set at that level.

As for the suspicion of not accepting the '60' label, my point was that we, on one hand, profess to be young and active, while professing to be old and frail when anything is going free!

This is like the teenager who is an adult when it comes to staying out late, but a child when the washing-up is in view!

However, unlike the teenager, we are probably no longer supple enough to have a foot in both camps!

CHRISSIE LAKE Jubilee Terrace Oxford