I refer to Emmett Schlueter's letter, Come clean on market plans (Oxford Mail, April 30).

I have fond memories of visiting Oxford's Covered Market with my late Nan Gibson during the 1970s.

She took me on a whistle-stop tour to buy ham, Polish sausage and fresh ingredients for her famous hearty soups, which all her family enjoyed when visiting her in Oxford.

The Covered Market was a potpourri of cafes, leather shops, delicatessens and butcher's shops, all under one roof.

I can still smell that characteristic aroma wafting through the Market - it made a lasting impression on a young lad from Witney. In subsequent years, a trip to Oxford wasn't complete without a visit to the wonderful Covered Market.

However, these experiences may be lost to future generations and it saddens me that stallholders will be charged high rates due to extortionate rent increases.

What will the consequence be? A characterless, new shopping complex - or a jumbo-sized Starbucks' coffee shop perhaps?

The Covered Market is still undiscovered by many tourists visiting Oxford - it is a unique and vital attraction.

In addition, it provides an alternative to the many clone-style stores found all over Britain. The Covered Market is Oxford's jewel in the crown and should be treated as such, befitting its historic status.

New developments may be on the cards and as the saying goes, "money talks," but our life experiences will be poorer if the Covered Market goes to the wall.

DAVID TINSON Moorland Road Witney