ANOTHER Friday night gig for teenagers, organised by Witney Town Council, turned out to be a flop.

Only two young people turned up at the town's Langdale Hall, outnumbered by the musicians playing on stage, and the plug was pulled on the event after two hours.

The future of the gigs, branchild of former mayor Chrissie Curry and aimed at 14 to 18-year-olds, is to be reviewed in meetings this week.

The first one had to be cancelled because of a clash with a Friday night disco at the town's youth centre.

Town clerk Sharon Groth said today: "There was no clash this time and we publicised it through the local schools.

"It's a disappointment. All I can think of is that there was a rainstorm over Witney last Friday night just as the gig was to go ahead and the town was very quiet that evening."

Tickets costing £5 were available in advance at Music Stand, Rapture, the town hall, and Corn Exchange office and the bands, Peppermint Vandals and Callum, were playing free. It started at 7.30pm but was abandoned at 9.30pm.

Ms Curry was not available for comment. The council's public halls committee and newly-formed town youth council will have the future of the events on their agendas at meetings this week.