British weather may not carry the greatest reputation around the world but it's a fair to assume that at this time of year the temperature is sure to be rising.

That first sight of sun will see families racing to enjoy the warm temperatures. It's like night follows day - or spring follows winter.

So why, once again, did Oxford find itself in the situation that there were not enough lifeguards to cope with the expected demand of families piling on down to Hinksey swimming pool at the weekend.

It appears there was a combination of staff sickness and lack of people recruited and trained.

The council even closed the pools at Blackbird Leys and Peers to try to have enough staff for Hinksey - yet still hundreds of visitors were left queueing in sweltering temperatures for over an hour yesterday.

We hold no truck with the decision to restrict numbers yesterday because you must have a safe environment with the right proportion of lifeguards to swimmers.

But to get into this situation in the first place speaks poorly of the city council's leisure department.

This must be sorted finally or it should be the council feeling the heat - instead of scores of children and their parents simply looking for a good day out.