A musician who has stayed at Helen and Douglas House will raise funds for the hospice by lining up on stage with his comedy heroes on Sunday night.

Singer-songwriter Ally Craig will share the bill with Jimmy Carr, Bill Bailey and Kevin Eldon at Childish Things Four at the New Theatre in George Street, Oxford.

The gig has been sold out for weeks following the success of previous events, which have included Stephen Fry, Bill Nighy, Rob Brydon and members of Radiohead.

Wheelchair-bound Mr Craig, from Grove, will perform on his own and with fellow Oxford band Cogwheel Dogs.

The 22-year-old said: "I used to go to Helen House and was one of the first people who visited Douglas House.

"I was one of a group of people who were getting too old for Helen House and who spoke to the architects of Douglas House to tell them what we wanted to see in it.

"I am really looking forward to the show and I am a big fan of Bill Bailey and Kevin Eldon, who has been a last-minute addition to the bill, so it is going to be exciting.

"I normally get post-nerves, where I forget about it until I have been on stage and then I worry about how it went.

"Every year, there have been really impressive names on the bill and it is great to get extra money and raise awareness of Helen and Douglas House."

Although comedy double act Mitchell and Webb pulled out of the fundraiser last month, organiser Kate Day said preparations were going well.

She said: "The buzz about trying to find any tickets from somewhere seems to be immense.

"The people who have been before now know to rush to get tickets for the following year pretty early because they know it is a genuinely good show."