A bridge over the A34, based on the world-famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, is set to be the centrepiece of a controversial Weston-on-the-Green eco-town.

Developers behind the massive estate - dubbed one of Brown's Town's' after it was revealed as one of 15 eco-town sites shortlisted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown - last night said the High Street would "float over" the busy trunk road, linking two halves of the town.

If the development gets the go-ahead, it would be bigger than Bicester and feature as many as 15,000 new, eco-friendly homes.

The Oxford Mail has managed to get hold of a 32-page brochure detailing the £190m plans, which were sent to the Government and Oxfordshire County Council.

The site is bisected by the A34, but developers Parkridge set out how that difficulty could be overcome. They said: "We shall bridge over it, using examples from elsewhere, notably Birmingham, London, Bath, Lincoln and Florence.

"The main high street would float over the A34, integrating the north and south of the town.

"Leisure facilities, parks, school playing fields, shops and dwellings all exist in bridges elsewhere.

"By using historical examples of bridge design such as the Old London Bridge over the River Thames, High Bridge in Lincoln and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the high street of Weston Otmoor' would form a bridge over the A34 so the visual experience for the pedestrian and shopper is undisturbed."

The developers pledge to invest massively in public transport, even offering to fund the long-awaited East-West Rail Link.

Parkridge said: "A key and indeed fundamental component of the scheme is the delivery of the East-West Link between Oxford and Milton Keynes, which will be funded by the developers and implemented as part of it.

"A new station will be built at Weston Otmoor.

"Up to five trains per hour in each direction (to Oxford in six minutes) will be provided.

"A chord line to Bicester will mean a one-hour journey time to London."

The eco-town would also have continuous running tram system, with a free transport service into Oxford.

Keith Mitchell, the leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said because of the promise of infrastructure investment, the council would not be opposing the scheme out of hand. But he said he remained sceptical about whether it would "stack up financially".

Tony Henman, the father of former tennis player Tim, has set up the Weston Front action group in opposition to the scheme.

Last night he said: "It is an extraordinary suggestion having a bridge like that going over the A34. You would not be able to hear yourself think. The more I hear about it, the more convinced I am this is a bad site.

"What concerns me is the Government will make a decision, overriding local opposition. If that is the case we would go to judicial review."