A POST box topper in Didcot has been made in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The anonymous creator, who goes by the name “Yarnsy”, crocheted the piece in Broadway in honour of the Queen who passed away last week (Thursday, September 8).

The piece includes a crown beside a wreath with 96 separate flowers and leaves for each year of the Queen’s life.

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Oxford Mail: The post box topper made by YarnsyThe post box topper made by Yarnsy (Image: n/a)

Yarnsy said: “We all knew this time would come and I had always planned on doing a memorial topper for the Queen but she caught us all off guard - somehow you always think you’ll have more time.”

She also received a card from the Queen after the Jubilee-themed topper she created in June.

Oxford Mail: Yarny's card from the QueenYarny's card from the Queen (Image: n/a)

 “I was honoured to receive a card in the post,” she said. “It will be cherished and kept in a very safe place”.


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