I have just watched a short programme on BBC1 in which a camera crew recorded hunt monitors following the Heythrop Hunt.

The intimidating manner of the hunters and their underlings towards the hunt monitors was incredible.

One of the hunt monitors, Penny Little, even had her car viciously kicked by a hunt supporter riding in an open-top motorised buggy.

Are these buggies taxed, insured and roadworthy for use on the open road?

It was only in recent years that the hunting fraternity discontinued the age-old custom of smearing blood from the dead fox on to children's faces to initiate them into their brutal sport.

They eventually realised that this barbaric action depicted them in their true light.

What the hunters are waiting for now is the reinstatement of David Cameron's political party so that they can get the fox hunting ban repealed.

One thing that the filming did show, however, was the fact that Penny Little and her monitor friends have more guts than all the hunters and their underlings put together.

George Morton, The Moors, Kidlington,