A PERFORMING arts theatre in Chipping Norton has been used as the set for the second season of BBC’s newest mystery series.

BBC’S Sister Boniface Mysteries filmed in the auditorium, bar and in the street at The Theatre, in Spring Street in Chipping Norton last week.

The show is a spin-off from Father Brown and is a British detective period television series, created by Jude Tindall, following the main character of Sister Boniface played by Lorna Watson.

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The first season was released in February this year on the BritBox streaming service.

Chipping Norton was used at as the setting for two episodes.

On Facebook, The Theatre said: “The secret's out. It was so exciting to see The Theatre used in a completely different way. Cast and crew were in from as early as six in the morning, dressing the space to transform it back to the 60s.

“At one point we had over fifty extras lining Spring Street and a Vespa screeching up onto the pavement.

“The filming has also brought some extra income in for The Theatre. A special thank you to all our local residents to the Theatre for being so accommodating to the film crews.”

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The Theatre will feature in episode seven and eight in the new series which is due to be released early next year.


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