Flags were being flown at half mast across the city this morning as colleges and civic buildings marked the death of the Queen.

They included Oxford Crown Court, where judges were expected to lead a two minutes’ silence at 10am.

Further up St Aldates, Christ Church was flying a historic Royal Standard of three fleur-de-lys and three royal lions.

Oxford Mail: The Royal Standard flag flying over Christ Church in St AldatesThe Royal Standard flag flying over Christ Church in St Aldates (Image: Oxford Mail)

There was barely a breath of wind to catch the Union flag flying above Carfax Tower or the city council’s white-and-blue flag above the town hall.

On Turl Street, Lincoln, Jesus and Exeter colleges all had their flags at half-mast.

Oxford Mail: Oxford MailOxford Mail (Image: Oxford Mail)

It was the same on the High Street.

At Oriel College, where the Queen was the ‘Official Visitor’, the Union flag was flying above the Rhodes Building and the college’s flag above the Porter’s Lodge.

University College next door, where the Queen occupied the same ceremonial role of Visitor, had also lowered its flags as a mark of respect.

Oxford Mail: Oxford MailOxford Mail (Image: Oxford Mail)

At The Queen’s College, on the opposite side of the High Street, the college’s flag flew alongside the college’s own standard – separated only by a statue of Queen Caroline, the wife of George II.

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