The late Queen Elizabeth II made many visits to Oxfordshire over the years and on every occasion she has been warmly welcomed.

On the one-year anniversary of her death, we look back at the late Queen's visits to the county by dipping into our archives. 

Reflecting on the anniversary, the Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Marjorie Glasgow, said: “Today we have an opportunity to reflect on the late Queen’s remarkable life of service. 

"In her honour, let us do as she did and say thank you to individuals who generously give their time to strengthen our communities. 

"We see so many Oxfordshire people doing extras in their work and their volunteer time for the benefit of all. On behalf of all of us, thank you.’’

Her first visit to the county was as Elizabeth Windsor in May, 1948 when she met staff, students and a tortoise at Oriel College.

Oxford Mail: Photo: Oxford Mail Photo: Oxford Mail (Image: Photo: Oxford Mail)

One of her first greetings was a surprise encounter with ‘Mr Testudo’ the tortoise who was the college boat club mascot.

Since then, Her Majesty attended everything from visiting monarch meeting members of the WI to open Denman College, in Marcham, to a proud parent watching Prince Charles play polo at Kirtlington Park, north Oxfordshire, in 1968.

She even stopped to pick up a copy of the Oxford Mail at D&J Bromilow Newsagents in Berinsfield in 1997.

Oxford Mail: Photo: Oxford MailPhoto: Oxford Mail (Image: Photo: Oxford Mail)

Although it was not until 1960 when the Queen made her first official visit to Oxford as ruling monarch, her first Royal appearance was memorable.

Strict security makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to get close, but at the Oriel College in 1948 the four-legged mascot made its move.

The then heir to the throne was greeted within minutes of her arrival by the college’s boat club mascot, who slowly made his way on to the lawn in front of her. The picture made newspapers all over the world.

The next time Elizabeth was to visit Oxfordshire was as the Queen in 1960.

Before this, royals visited Oxford for official business with the university but Queen Elizabeth asked to include a visit to Oxford Town Hall to meet the civic leaders.

She had a tour through Witney through flag-waving crowds, a stop-off to see the Heythrop Hunt and was shown gloves made at Woodstock for Queen Elizabeth I, and said: “My word, they are large.”

Since then the Queen has met with the many chancellors or university heads including a procession through Trinity College and lunch in 1960, and later several visits to Christ Church and Brasenose College.

The Queen has also played her part in inspecting military parades, including troops at St George’s Barracks, Bicester, in 1965, RAF Abingdon in 1968 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the air force, several times at RAF Brize Norton and at RAF Benson during 50th anniversary celebrations.

Oxford Mail: Photo: John LawrencePhoto: John Lawrence (Image: Photo: John Lawrence)

The 1990s saw a royal visit to Radley College, Abbey sports centre in Berinsfield, and the Bodleian Library.

Heading into the 21st century, the Queen has opened several organisations including Falklands House in 2000 with a posy-clad crowd in Oriel Square, computer company Sophos at Abingdon Science Park in 2004, and Oxford Castle in 2006.

During one of the more recent visits, the Queen attended a Maundy Thursday service at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford in 2013 and handed out traditional Maundy Money purses to pensioners.

Oxford Mail:

“She seemed to have a smile just for me," said Marjorie Harris, after meeting the Queen at the service.

After volunteering for her church for 60 years, Mrs Harris was one of 174 pensioners from the Oxford Diocese rewarded with purses of special Maundy coins.

The 78-year-old from Sandford-on-Thames added: “As she gave me the coins she said ‘this is for you’ and I said ‘thank you Your Majesty’.”