The arrangements for the Queen’s funeral will be Thames Valley Police’s biggest ever operation, the region’s police and crime commissioner said.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail a short time before her death was announced, Matthew Barber said: “It is a very emotional time for the whole country.

"She has given a lifetime of service to the country but she was also a 96-year-old woman who is a grandmother and held in great affection for her personal conduct as well as her national role.

“In public life, we’ve been anticipating the plans around these sorts of events for some time.”

Any state funeral is likely to take place at Westminster Abbey.

However, it is anticipated that a funerary procession will go through the streets of Windsor, before the Queen's internment at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Mr Barber said: “It will be Thames Valley Police’s biggest ever operation and planning has been in place, working very closely with the Royal Household, for many, many months - through to the most minor details.

“During that operation we will be assisted by the officers all over the country.

“Thames Valley Police will continue to police the rest of the Thames Valley.

“I have spoken to the Chief Constable already this afternoon and those plans are well in place and will revised to make sure we can do Her Majesty proud when the time comes.”