A fire on a train at Banbury Railway Station has now been extinguished and the carriages have been moved off the main line.

Four fire crews and an ambulance were called to the fire, involving an Arriva CrossCountry Voyager train to Derby, at 4.25pm.

A small fire was found in the air vents and about 100 passengers were evacuated. Banbury Railway Station was closed but has since re-opened.

Erica Bingley, 26, of Southfield Road, had caught the train at Oxford at 4.07pm and was travelling to Yorkshire to see a friend.

She said: "It's quite calm. I was annoyed more than anything else because I need to go to see my friend.

"It was a bit weird when everyone was evacuating because they were looking right above where I was sitting."

A spokesman for Network Rail said the train was moved from the line by 4.45pm and predicted only minor delays for passengers.

A spokesman for Arriva said all evacuated passengers were put on a replacement train.