MORE than £22k has been raised for charity by a junkyard golf company over the summer.

Junkyard Golf Club, which has a branch in Westgate Oxford, has raised £22.5k for six different charities through hosting LGBTQ+ events in celebration for this year’s Pride.

A dedicated cocktail “Kiss the Rainbow” was designed ahead of Pride and was inspired by the bright and colourful rainbow Pride flag. All the profits went to a range of LGBTQ+ charities.

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Oxford Mail:  A secret garden party organised by the event. Picture by Junkyard Golf Club A secret garden party organised by the event. Picture by Junkyard Golf Club

Each Junkyard Golf Club venue was given the freedom to host their own pride event with acts, entertainment and a local charity all chosen and organised by their employees.

From special guest LGBTQ+ DJ’s to Drag Queens galore, each event was a huge success across the county in getting all the cities involved with helping to celebrate Pride.

The Oxford branch raised money for the Oxford Pride Group charity.

After such great success and interest, people can expect only bigger, better and brighter celebrations at Junkyard Golf Club for Pride next year.

As well as getting involved with all the Pride and LGBTQ+ celebrations, Junkyard Golf Club have also been busy in helping raise money and awareness with Love Support Unite Foundation, a charity that the crazy golf brand have been working closely with since opening back in 2015.

Oxford Mail: Pride cocktail. Picture by Junkyard Golf ClubPride cocktail. Picture by Junkyard Golf Club

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Attending festivals like Secret Garden Party and Camp Bestival, Junkyard Golf Club set out on a mission to spread the word, play golf and sell the charities Love Specs, a heart shaped pair of glasses that turn every light into a rainbow of hearts, acting as a fundraising arm and helping spread the charities key message “Change your perception, change the world”.

All profits from the sale of Love Specs are used to help empower communities sustainability in Malawi and elevate them from poverty, integrating enterprise, education, nutrition and healthcare, helping lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a cycle of sustainability. Love Specs can be bought at any of the Junkyard Golf Club venues.

Oxford Mail: Manchester Pride. Picture by Junkyard Golf ClubManchester Pride. Picture by Junkyard Golf Club

A spokesperson for the company said: “After a Summer full of colour, pride and raising as much awareness as possible to these amazing charities, Junkyard Golf club has no plans of slowing down or stopping anytime soon.

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“With more exciting projects for the brand and venues in the pipeline, Junkyard Golf Club is determined to become one of the nations most loved leisure brands and always looking for ways in how they can help bring people together through the love of Crazy Golf.”


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