Two mothers have appealed for donations to help them provide a monthly family event in Oxford.

Lyndsy Johnson and Sharon Haynes have run the Rose Hill Family Social at the estate's community centre, in The Oval, on the last Friday of every month since last Easter.

The social allows families to take children of all ages for an inexpensive night out just yards from home.

The event includes a children's buffet, party games, and a disco and a raffle for an entrance fee of 50p per head.

Every child who attends is guaranteed a prize from dancing competitions or other party games.

But Ms Johnson and Miss Haynes fear they may have to stop including a buffet and prizes because they are not raising enough money on the door to cover costs.

They have asked people to donate prizes, or to help them with sponsorship, so they can keep the social nights running with all the trimmings.

Ms Johnson, 35, a mum-of-three from Radford Close, said: "There was nothing going on for families on the estate, or in the community centre, so Sharon and I volunteered to start running the social night.

"It has gone really well. One year ago we were lucky to get about 20 or 30 people in there, but now we are getting about 100 people."

The pair have spent half of their £200 kitty on Easter eggs for an event on Good Friday.

But they fear that what they have left, and money raised at another social tonight, will not be enough to put on a buffet and prizes for the April social.

Money has also become tighter after the community centre, which provides hall hire and bar staff free of charge, told them it would no longer be able to provide an occasional £25 sponsorship.

Miss Haynes, 35, a mum-of-three, also from Radford Close, said: "The social is really important because there are not a lot of things to do on the estate for families.

"This keeps a lot of kids off the streets, and I enjoy doing it because I love seeing the kids' faces light up.

"Come Easter, I think we will be struggling.

"I do not think there is a danger of it closing, but we might not be able to offer the kids what we have in the past."

Simone Proffitt, a 29-year-old mum-of-four who attends the monthly events, said: "The kids have a wicked time there and it is not very expensive either.

"It is nice to get out as a family. If they did not do it once a month, we would not go anywhere."

The Rose Hill Family Social returns to the community centre tomorrow from 7pm. People should call 01865 425 423 to make a donation or provide sponsorship for the Easter event.