How kind of Pipa Doubtfire, the head of revenue management at TV Licensing, to clarify that the BBC and not the Government transferred a contract for TV licence fee collection to PayPoint from the Post Office (Oxford Mail, February 21).

It hardly matters who was responsible for the deed. Most people are aware the Government and BBC are inextricably linked.

I am in favour of making life easier for all the captive customers of the monopoly organisation TV Licensing, so why take away, completely, the option of payment at the post office?

I do not frequent shops with PayPoint and would have to actively seek them out. However, I attend the post office regularly.

As for many others, it is nearer than any PayPoint to me. Were we consulted on this change? Of course not.

As for the £100m saving over six years, it would be more helpful and believable to give more information on the sort of programmes, plus services, we are likely to be subjected to in the future, rather than the inevitable repeats.

Ms Doubtfire quotes two telephone numbers for contact and information.

One (the rebate/revenue share number) begins 0870 and the second 0844. But why would anyone use these numbers when TV Licensing can be contacted for information and payment free on 0800 917 1490?

ALAN KERRY Cowley Road Littlemore Oxford