With all the recent negative correspondence relating to cyclists in Oxford, one would think that cycle lights, helmets and adherence to the Highway Code would be on the increase, but sadly, many still openly flout the law.

One growing trend seems to be the use of baby trailers attached to the back of the cycle of mum or dad. This is an extremely disturbing practice.

These trailers are made of a very light aluminium frame, covered in a flimsy nylon sheet.

They are low to the ground, not easily seen and about level with the poison-spewing exhaust outlet of a bus or diesel taxi, hundreds of which seem to be nose-to-tail along The High, St Aldate's, and parked (with engines running) in the cycle lanes around Martyrs' Memorial.

The parents of these poor mites, who choose to cycle the dangerous fume- and traffic-filled streets of Oxford, do so for whatever reason, but you cannot convince me that cycling in Oxford is healthy and it certainly isn't safe.

Imagine the horrific damage that would be done to one of these death contraptions should the wheel of one of Oxford's many taxis or buses ride over it due to lack of visibility. If you want to cycle for health, travel the glorious leafy green country lanes that surround us.

Those who choose to cycle in Oxford do so as informed, intelligent (?) adults and risk their own life and limbs.

Children strapped into these trailers do not have that choice as their selfish, ignorant, stunt-riding parents force it on them. They are endangering the young, innocent life of one who has no say in the matter.

However safe mummy or daddy think they ride, they are still an accident-in-waiting.

In any other situation where a parent endangers his or her child, police would be called. These trailers should be made illegal. Failing that, the child should, at the very least, be put on the At Risk List by social services.

JAMES HAYES Gordon Woodward Way Oxford