A TEAM of runners which has been inspired by a youngster fighting leukaemia is taking part in the London Marathon.

Team Evolve, made up of Lyn Owen, Leanne Millar, Debbie Curtis and John Stocker, aims to raise at least £4,000 for charity Children With Leukaemia.

Ms Owen, from Falcon Mead, Langford Village, Bicester, who is taking part in her second London Marathon in April, met 14-year-old Matthew Holder-Wooloff at her dog training club.

The 49-year-old, who runs the class at Wendlebury village hall, met Matthew, from Shearwater Drive, Langford Village, last year when he brought his Labrador Flash along to one of her classes.

It was during a class that Ms Owen was told that Matthew had leukaemia and couldn't use his left arm because of a severe reaction to the chemotherapy he was being given.

She suggested that he visit her personal trainer John Stocker, of Evolve Personal Training in the town, to help with his physiotherapy.

Mr Stocker helped Ms Owen when she was left dependent on crutches following a quad bike accident.

Mr Stocker, 28, will run alongside her in this year's marathon.

Ms Owen said: "I mentioned to John about Matthew as I knew he would be able to help him."

Matthew was diagnosed with leukaemia last February and has had a year of intensive chemotherapy.

Mum Jackie Holder-Wooloff, 49, said: "When he was diagnosed it was a big wake-up call and made us quickly realise what is important in life.

"We make the most of every opportunity and look forward to doing so much when he is fully recovered.

"Before his illness Matthew was an active youngster, playing for Bicester rugby under 13s, which his dad Geoff still coaches.

"When he had his reaction to the chemotherapy, he went to see John, who wouldn't accept a penny, and he is training Matthew three times a week to help him get his fitness back. John is a wonderful man."

Ms Owen and Mr Stocker, will be joined by teammates Ms Millar, 29, of Fair Close and Ms Curtis, 43, of The Magnolias, Southwold.

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