The fact that Oxford City Council struggles to provide value for money to its residents is, perhaps, one of the most predictable revelations of a report into Town Hall performance.

Oxford levies one of the highest council tax rates and charges among the most for services like leisure, environmental health and car parks when compared with similar authorities across the country.

And is it any wonder?

For too long the city council has effectively been rudderless, with no one political group in overall control and successive administrations changing hands every couple of years.

People might not like what they do, but contrast that mess to the relative calm at Oxfordshire County Council where just one political group runs the show.

Proof, if required, the city council lacks political direction came recently when councillors met to discuss the budget.

The Liberal Democrats, who peculiarly run the council but with fewer councillors than the opposition, wanted a two per cent rise in council tax.

However, a swift amendment by a Labour and Green collaboration meant double that was pushed through.

No wonder it's chaos when the party which is supposed to be in control cannot get its budget through.