Police have moved to warn of the life-threatening dangers of ‘cannabis edibles’ after a huge haul was seized in the UK.

Edibles, often based on popular food brands for chocolate and cakes, are foods infused with the psychoactive agents found in cannabis.

Officers found a large amount of the edibles in two properties in East Sussex.

Two men aged 33 and 34 were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of cannabis and released under investigation while enquiries continue.

Police issue warning over cannabis edible in the UK

Inspector Aidan Cornwall said: “Cannabis edibles can be incredibly dangerous.

"For one, they are often packaged in brightly-coloured and professional-looking packaging which can not only look like legitimate food, but can also be particularly appealing to children and young people.

“However, these items are produced in often unsanitary conditions and with no quality-control.

"It means those consuming these products have no idea what the strength of them will be, nor what contaminants they may also contain.

“The consumption of cannabis edibles has been linked with a number of hospitalisations and even deaths, and so we are particularly pleased to have removed such a large quantity from circulation.”