A new country fair will bring exclusive shopping, food, drink, wellness and family entertainment to the Great Tew Estate.

Park Fair features 80 luxury fashion, family, lifestyle and wellness brands, offering "a shopping experience that is unparalleled outside of the capital".

Double Dutch Cocktail Bar, Shandy Shack, makers of low alcohol craft shandy, and amie's wines will keep guests hydrated and Quince & Clover will serve a locally sourced feasting menu and ice cream.

Thyme Happenings, from the luxury Thyme Hotel on the Southrop Manor Estate, will present an introduction to canapés with Chef Director, Charlie Hibbert, carbon-neutral cocktails with Sapling Spirits, wellness tips and tricks with Poppy Delbridge, creative floristry and flower crown masterclasses.

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Grace Sisters and amie will host the sumptuous VIP lounge and The Modern Nursery will promise to amuse children for the weekend. 

Wellness by lucie app has just released appointments for wellness treatments in situ from quick manicures to vitamin drips.

Roaming musicians, unlimited fairground rides, kwik cricket, family yoga and a Banwood Family Bicycle track will ensure the whole family is entertained.

A silent auction will raise funds for SSNAP Oxford, which supports sick and premature babies, and parents, at the John Radcliffe Hospital, and the Tew Centre which hopes to rejuvenate the play park for the community.

Park Fair is on August 19 -21. Tickets are now on sale starting from £45 for VIP access, £20 for adults’ general admission, £14 for children over five years, £5 for children aged up to five years. Children under two go free.    

For more information: parkfair.uk



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