THAMES Water is set to announce a temporary hosepipe ban ‘in the coming weeks’ due to the current hot weather predicted.

Although timings have not been confirmed by the utility company ‘due to a number of operation and legal procedural requirements’, Thames Water has said customers will be updated at the earliest time possible.

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When it could be introduced

Thames Water is planning to announce a temporary ban in the coming weeks. The water giant has written to the Environment Agency and has informed Ofwat.

Why is it happening?

A spokesperson for Thames Water said: “The team takes into consideration a number of factors including Met Office forecasts, reservoir storage levels and expected customer demand.

“When considering implementing a temporary use ban, we have to balance the impact on our customers and the environment.”

How long has Thames Water been preparing for this?

The utility company has been preparing for this summer, since the winter, with reservoirs in London filled.

Thames Water then launched a campaign to get customers to use water efficiently, while providing water saving tips.

Can we use hosepipes in the meantime?

Thames Water is currently urging customers to only use what they need for essential use.

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